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RoadSafe Westgate Senior Drivers Program

A RoadSafe Westgate Initiative

RoadSafe Westgate Community Road Safety Council is a Road Safety Advocacy Group that implements Road Safety Programs and is supported by the municipalities of Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton and Wyndham.

Supporting Senior Drivers

In the context of an aging population, older road user safety will continue to be a key concern for an ever increasingly large percentage of the Victorian community.  Therefore, as a priority RoadSafe Westgate promotes and organises Best Practice older driver programs.

RoadSafe Westgate Community Road Safety Council in conjunction with Wyndham City Council, will be holding a Free Senior Drivers Expo.

When:  Saturday 28th October 2017

Time:  9.30am until 2.30pm

Where: Melton Library

Address: 31 McKenzie Street, Melton

Registration: Get in early to register as places are limited. Bookings are essential!

Register online or call Lynette on 9742 7534.

Attendance Criteria:

  • The Senior Drivers expo is available for drivers who are retired or approaching retirement.
  • The attendee must have a current Victorian Motor Car Driving Licence.

The Senior Driver’s Expo is a free and confidential program, and is suitable for those either in, or approaching retirement age.

The Expo is made up of 6 sessions that are

  • Driving assessment
  • Vehicle check
  • Road Law update
  • How health and medicines relate to driving
  • Tyre Safety, and
  • Question & Answer Session with Police and Road Safety Professionals.

You also get a free and confidential driving check.
Your car will also have a free & confidential roadworthy check.
Morning tea and a light lunch will be provided to all who attend.
There is no charge and everything is private and confidential.

  • Bookings are essential
  • Bring your car
  • Bring a pen

Partners of attendees are also welcome.

The Senior Drivers Expos are designed to keep older drivers on the road by:

Aims of the Senior Drivers Program

Important Updates

Be updated confidentially with the important information on road safety, Driving and Prescribed Medicine and Road Laws, check their driving technique and vehicle safety to keep our Senior Drivers on the road longer and to drive safely.

Improve Driving Skills

A good way to improve your driving. It’s free; it’s confidential; it’s staffed by experts.

Learn about health & driving at Senior Drivers Expo

Learning Components

  • Health & Driving – Prescribed Medicines
  • Driving – Road Laws
  • Tyres — Road Safety

We can be better drivers with a few simple things:

  • Keeping up with new road laws;
  • Making sure our health is as good as can be;
  • Getting rid of bad driving habits;
  • Keeping our cars in good condition.

We provide a forum to discuss:

  • Road Law, implications on driver behaviour, changes to road law;
  • Responsibility to report serious or chronic medical conditions and disabilities that may affect safe driving;
  • Information on health conditions and medicines that may impact on safe driving;
  • Importance of safe cars and roadworthiness;
  • Feedback on individual driving habits and compliance with road law;
  • Personal responsibility for fitness two drive and vehicle roadworthiness.

Participants also get:

  • a free confidential driving assessment;
  • a roadworthy check on their car;
  • a free Senior Drivers Expo pack;
  • Videos; Health Screening Check;
  • Road Law forum;
  • Road Law update;
  • Health and Medicines discussion;
  • Morning tea and lunch.

Register or Enquire about this program.


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The aim of the Senior Drivers’ Expo is to provide feedback to older drivers about their driving skills as well as informing them about changes in road law and an understanding of the effect that illnesses and medicines may have on their driving.

There is strong evidence that those who cease driving become more isolated from their communities and more likely to be institutionalised at great expense to themselves and to the tax-payers. The Expo encourages competent senior drivers to maintain their independence by continuing drive whilst it is safe for them to do so.

Our Stakeholders

In pride and place are our stakeholders, Victoria Police Highway Patrol and VicRoads Vehicle Fitness personnel and licensed and accredited driving instructors.  These guys give up for 4 Saturdays a year to pass on their expertise to our participants, also the in-kind support of our 4 Municipal Councils and volunteers within the RoadSafe Westgate region, without such combined support the program would not be as successful as it has become.


Facilitators at Seniors Safety ExpoIn 2013, RoadSafe Westgate expanded the Senior Drivers Expo from 3 sessions per year to 4 sessions.  At the same time we aimed to extend the numbers of participants at each session with more streamlined programming throughout the 6 hours of each session.

At each Senior Drivers’ Expo, participants are asked to complete a Participant Evaluation Questionnaire with brief comments on the programs activities. These evaluations are a major input into a continuous improvement program and prompt further evaluation of components of the Expo after each session.

Average Participant Evaluations (in percentage) for all 4 session during 2015-2016 showing where the participants have gained positive improvements from the program.

Overall Driving Roadworthy Health Law Forum Recommend to Others Improvement Not Needed Lunch
97 71 74 70 93 84 97 86 95